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On our groups.io forum , a guy posted that he wanted to attend the club , but was too nervous.

Below is what our members replied to him :

1 - i guess the first time is just the fear of the unknown. once in there, wearing and watching is fantastic

2 - I went for the first time, the recent gathering.  Yes I was nervous and excited having only been seen by a very few others dressed before. The biggest shock for me was the steps into the club.  After that, the jolly host directed me to the changing room bag drop and bar. My nerves were begging to go as I was not alone others who like to dress were there looking relaxed. Once in the changing room others changing were friendly and cheerful.  I changed easy bag drop and into the bar.  I got myself a drink and started to look around and was shown around by another helpful dressed visitor.  Others arrived and it was nice to both I didnt stay to the end but I hope to attend the next event.

3 -  It was more of a visit to gauge how comfortable I felt in those surroundings.  The answer to that was very comfortable and I returned the following month and stayed longer.

4 - it is the fear of the unknown. once in, you will not want to leave. its a wonderful experience wearing in public and seeing others. i was at the bar on my first time, stockings and panties. A guy in similar lingerie said hi and we chatted, he then touched me through my knickers, gently and asked if that was ok? when i said yes, his hand went inside and he wanked me gently. It was great, as that was my first time doing anything with a bloke! i enjoyed putting my hand inside his panties... again a first. what a great friendly place. i remain inexperienced but want to try sucking a cock, firstly licking through the nylon then to give it a real sucking. see what the place has done to me ;-)


Reviews at our new venue , "The Bunker Bar"

laceylegs (57), Man on 12 May 2023 by Meeting in person:
Had a great evening at Wearinghers last night. A very friendly group and good venue which is easy to get to. 90% of the guys were dressed and it was a great feeling to be dressed in a group. However, the highlight of my evening was get the heels off after a few hours!

Lingerie49 (58), Man on 11 May 2023 by Meeting in person:
Looking forward to visiting wearing hers Had a few good times at club linger

marple1 (57), Man on 20 April 2023 by Meeting in person:
been here twice now and i have enjoyed both visits, it gets better every time, also i go to support the club its what will keep it going and everone else should do the same

Higherflyer (62), Man on 11 April 2023 by Meeting in person:
I'm bisexual, and usually go to parties in male mode. But this event is a unique opportunity to crossdress. I'm so glad that sissybloke has managed to revive the old Club Linger with a new name and venue. Perfect!

Ldn guy (47), Man on 10 March 2023 by Meeting in person:
Went to my 1st “WEARINGHERS” party last night, loved it and will definitely be back for more. I was very nervous but that disappeared it no time and I was made to feel very comfortable. I think it was less than 30mins when I found myself very much in the mix.


Suttonfun (53), Man on 10 February 2023 by Meeting in person:
Another great night last night. Will definitely have to up my game on the lingerie stakes as there were so many well dressed and heeled men there. Looking forward to March already.


Bob bi dresser (60), Man on 6 April 2022 by Meeting in person:
Been a couple of times very well put together event totally discreet Bar area play area very laid back no pressure


lexus battersea babe (60), Man on 25 January 2023 by Meeting in person:
Wonderful night at club wearinghers @the bunker bar so many guys all ages and size in sexy lingerie had a great night

BIWILLIAM (66), Man on 13 January 2023 by Meeting in person:
Wow, what a night at the debut of the club, so much fun, so many fabulous guys in lingerie, I was like a kid in a sweetshop, tasting everything I could.

Mr Marcos (55), Man on 12 January 2023 by Meeting in person:
Amazingly beautiful experience to watch guys strut their stuff and playing around and socialising normally whilst wearing exquisite lingerie, hosiery and high heels. Hoping to get over to their new ‘wearinghers’ club night tonight!

Higherflyer (61), Man on 8 January 2023 by Webcam:
I'll be there too. It's a neat venue.


At our old club , "The Backstreet"

Johnny 30/03/2022

I remember the first time at linger, scared stiff but once through the black door it was all so easy.
I get there about 7.
Change just inside and give your bag, with outdoor stuff, to the doorman .
Onwards you go into the bar and back area.
Great to put on whatever you feel sexy and comfortable in , sticking to the club rules of course.
Everyone else just the same ,all shapes and ages but with one idea, to have a sexy evening dressed in lingerie. Fab


Matt 29/03/2022

To all the first timers- April 2022 will only be my third time there but I've always felt welcome and relaxed when in there.
Barman is great and really friendly and I've never felt any pressure or judgement from anyone.
Either sit at the bar and chat or venture into the dark, you'll have a great time I'm sure.


Peter    24/02/2022

Can’t believe it was 2015 when I first ventured into this wonderful place , albeit in disguise as an ‘admirer’ suit, the works. Just wanted to understand the place . Was blown away by the welcome from all the staff and felt very comfortable, actually got talking to an admirer and we later met , another story.

Even on my first visit dressed I still wore a suit jacket over my lingerie. Was only with the encouragement of the other guys in the club on my third visit I was totally free of a jacket and completely in lingerie and never looked back. My last visit sadly was December 2019 and I am determined to enjoy the 8th birthday celebrations of this amazing, welcoming and totally awesome club.

Can’t wait to meet again with old friends and meet new ones too.
A very happy 8th birthday, on March 3rd 2022, to lingerlondon a thank you for being here.


Hardin Nylon 12/01/2022

For the newbies and the curious, I recall some time last year finding club linger on line and the excitement of such a place. Having waited for the dreadful lockdown to ease it was time for a visit !

Easy to find I stepped into be greeted by the polite doorman and paid and proceeded to the changing area. Now this is just the taster as this cosy open plan area is where one changes.

For those who only dress at home, this on its own is a teaser , stripping down and slipping carefully into ones stockings knowing your in full view of a couple of other guests (who are also changing), is mind blowing!

Popping on ones suspender belt and clipping up your stockings while in the company of others and knowing you have attentive eyes is exhilarating.

Yes it’s nervous moment but then standing tall in your heels, and sliding into a little g string is pleasure alone but to be surrounded by guys either confident or shy is a huge buzz.

To then turn around and walk towards the doors, allowing access to the main club, is a moment you may savour with a horny anticipation.

Once inside,  the bar is close and maybe a base to gather your breath and look around. To be fair everyone looks at you with interest as you look back.

The barman Mark is dressed in gorgeous underwear and it seems normal and easy to order a drink and then have a little walk about.

On your journey you will see so much ! Be it guys in full dress simply chatting about life . Moving further on into the dark area (that you do not have to visit) you may see something a little more candid and interesting whatever your persuasion is.

Neat little dark corners of horny guys in all sorts of positions and postures!

Should you wish venture outback to the smoking area and feel the nip in the air and the thrill of being outdoors in lingerie ,  but not overlooked.

All I can say is it is no different than walking in to any bar in London , but with similar people, clearly enjoying the thrill of being in lingerie.

Highly recommended and well worth the trip !


Graeme 15/10/2021

     Just got home after a great night got chatting with a couple of guys and Mark all were      lovely and friendly. I will be back when I can

  Matt 15/10/2021

  Got in from my first time and I have to say I bloody loved it..I was so nervous going in (not that you  could tell by the end- I may have got a bit carried away) but everyone was incredibly friendly and   welcoming . I'll definitely be back.

    Rupert 15/10/2021

Just heading home after my first night at Club Linger. What an awesome evening, wish I’d discovered this place before and I simply can’t wait until the next event. I had first time nerves, but felt so welcome from the moment I arrived.

      pelerine@ 7:16am 04-05-2019
Thanks to everyone who made this shy first-timer so welcome last night, especially the cutie in a white corset with white fishnet tights, you are a very sensual lover. xx
      Chris.@ 9:23am 03-20-2019
Looking forward to tomorrow night. Any new guys want to chat please come by and say hi. I will be in black fishnet tights under my black stockings and will be wearing my Sketcher trainers as I still don't have any heels yet. So if any of you lovelies want to buy me a pair, I'm a size 7. Ha ha. See you there.
     London Tights@ 3:46pm 02-25-2019
I was able to pop along on Thursday for the first time in about 3 yrs! Sadly I couldn't stay long. It was nice to be able to have a drink and totter about in my tights and heels.

To anyone who is anxious, I would say, please don't worry, come along and have a drink and a chat. I'm so glad the night is on two times a month.
      Vee@ 6:31am 01-01-2019
Hi there ... I just want to say a happy new year to mark and all the lingering wearers & admirers
Ok let me start by saying I know how nerve-racking it can be on your first visit
I was the same but I had this thought I want to wear basque and stockings ..You cant think will they judge me in the way I look
ANSWER TO THAT IS EASY ....everybody wears what they like in linger
and no one judges you ..if you're fat thin tall or small ..we are adults
all I can say is do what I did ..hold your breath and go for it
I see life like this ..don't let life pass you by because when it does inside of you ..you will wish you did while you could
I go for things I get on the diving board jump off sink..or swim

you don't go for it you won't know .. I was well nervous but now happy as a sandboy
i started with just stockings ..I'm not like that now..... I wear basque gloves stockings knickers all in black PVC and thigh boots
reading this description..regulars know who I am

Fact ...club linger is so friendly relaxed & no pressure
the first time you will feel nervous but for me 10mins in I was happy

There's no one coming up to you and pressuring you that's a great plus .remember what I said hold ((your breath and go for it )

      Rob • 01 -11 -2016

There was a year between our last visit but this club is awesome...my partner and I slipped into our girly gear and had a great time...towards the end of the evening I took off my panties and my dick was sucked and played with by a horny guy in bra...stockings...panties and heels...hope my man and myself make it back for the March 3rd birthday party.


Gloriascott 01 - 05 - 2014

Arrived about 8.45pm at the atmospheric Backstreet Club.....got changed and entered the exciting world of men in undies! Wow!
No screaming divas here, just guys in various modes of un-dress!
Stockings and tights, panties and silky knicks, basques and corsets, lace and pvc and everybody friendly (voices and hands mmmm)! Admirers too who didn't mind you finding out if that was a pistol, banana or something else in their trousers. I was there in stockings, suspenders, panties, basque and high heels and felt very relaxed and sexy!
Maybe it takes a bit of courage to come to an event like this but with the (handsome) doorman on duty there is no cause for alarm. Drinks are good too and if you smoke there is a smoking area at the back and if you like darkness for a nice intimate chat ;) then there are plenty of quiet dark corners.
I love dressing but have never been to a club before but give this five stars on each count - def going back. See you there guys!


Jimintights 05 - 06 - 2014

Went for 1st time in June as couldn't make previous ones. What can I say? Totally brilliant evening.

I arrived early. Very friendly doorman showed me around and then I got changed. Brought a few things but decided to start off with tights, basque and trainers. (I love my nylon!)

Went into bar, very friendly and sexy barman in black stockings. More guys arrived and soon very friendly atmosphere around the bar. This is definitely an attitude -free event! No divas or screaming queens.

By 8:30 it started to get busier. Got changed into stockings and heels. Was great to be able to sit and have a ciggie outside wearing lingerie with other sexy guys.

Met some very sexy guys and had great fun with 2 in particular. All 3 of us in our sheer black stockings! So sexy!


Bearnylons 07 - 08 - 2014

I had a really great night a lot more people turned up this month and mostly dressers, only two admirers. I nice mix of ages and all very friendly guys. Lots of different attires from just tan tights and trainers to full Basque, stockings, suspenders and heels. Good bar prices very reasonable and pleasant staff both at the bar and in the cloakroom. Totally chilled evening highly recommend it to any cross dressing lingerie guys, or their admirers.


tvalicelondon 04 - 09 - 2014

This is a great place for sensual sleazy play with like minded masculine lingerie lovers. Had a great time even though it was my first visit. Managed a lovely orgy with 4 / 5 of us snogging molesting and eventually fuking mmm got fucked twice and had three sets if threesomes - loved the hands and tongues molesting my nylon clad legs and basque hidden nipples mmmm will love to make this a regular meet xxx well done the linger / backstreet team xx


Seniorsex 02 -10 -2014

Arrived about 7.30 p.m. Greeted at the door and shown round the premises. Only about four others ther at this time. Bought a beer and chatted to one other (in ligerie). Over the next hours others arrived mostly in bra, tights/stockings, knickers, high heels. Chatted to a few and then went into play area with one man to watch others. One very good looking younger man was playing and obviously enjoying himself. Played with the chap I was with.
Returned to bar area and chatted with others.


Jimintights  06 -11 -2014

 Another great night at Linger London. Just keeps getting better and better. Always friendly and always horny! I love this club night. Barman and door man are great. Long May Linger continue. Can't wait for the next event x

Martin 04-04-2015
Had a fantastic night on the 2nd of April guys, a great night and a friendly bunch of guys , Thank you.
david 04-03-2015
this place is growing best night i've ever been to
Mark 04-02-2015
Hoping I can get down to the club tonight. Purchased new stockings and suspenders that need a premier! X
Gloria 04-01-2015
I missed the March one but have been three/four times in the first year. It really is a relaxed club with lots to look at! Have ventured into the darker corners and found some great surprises! Am looking forward to tomorrow night!
david 03-28-2015
been to this club twice missed the last month one boo hoo but will be there for this one in april
had a lot of people come up to me really friendly..but always on the look out for more friends you wont miss me i wear black pvc basque silk knickers /gloves/ stockings /and a red pvc suspender belt on the outside of my basque holding my stockings up .so you wont miss me my name is david feel free to come over and say hi ..if you have never been ..try it i promise you will love it as its not pushy at all just really friendly ...just waiting for my black pvc thigh boots to arrive so you never know..if arrive in time i will be wearing them

Hi there, I have been twice last year, and had a great time, its so much fun to be able to wear my tights openly.
walter 03-06-2015
Hello, I went on the 5/03/15 and i thought it was good, i had a chat with a few of the people down their and i found the people down their really friendly, i may dress up myself next time, thanks for a nice evening
David 02-06-2015
Went on feb 5th 2015
Again a great night a lot more people dressed in stockings and admirers ..i had a few ..thats all im going to say about that ..but must say once again friendy staff and punters will go to the next one i knew my pvc basque with stockings and gloves would go down a storm
Wicked night ..will be back 100%
David 01-29-2015
Walked in first time November 2014 very nervous but went for it put on my PVC basque stockings gloves knickers and I felt really relaxed bar staff and punters there really chilled relaxed made me feel ease
Gloriascot 01-10-2015
Great meeting on Thursday 8th January. Some new faces (and bodies lol) and a few nice and willing admirers watching us strut our stuff (and getting involved)! I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere again! Give it a go guys and gurls - I am sure you will enjoy.
Alice 11-04-2014
Absolutely lovely club - been to oct and sept sessions and have been well milested snogged sucked wanked fuked (doing and being done) mmm great relaxed atmosphere. I think nov will be biggest turn out yet as loads if guys have emailed me that they are turning up. Love snogging and being in group play with lingerie clad sluts and doms xxx


Sheertites 08-13-2014
Thanks for creating such a brilliant night. Went in June and had brilliant time in my sheer stockings, heels, panties and basque. Had such a sexy time ;-) Sadly couldn't make July or August but will definitely be there in September. Thanks again for working hard to finally create a night for us lingerie guys x
Undies 08-06-2014
Am so glad we have a website of our own now and a dedicated venue. Loved the first meeting and one other I was able to attend but can only attend when meetings coincide with my work in London.
Will defo come again and enjoy wearing my heels, stockings, sussies and basque.....oh almost forgot.....and my panties....and seeing all the others in similar dress!

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