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You should get it by now , club wearinghers is for naturally masculine men , who love to wear lingerie, heels, nylon, lycra/spandex.

It is NOT in any way a venue for men who like to wear dresses , wear make up and wigs and present, or act. feminine or female.

You are comfortable with your masculinity and present as a male , wearing lingerie, heels, nylon, lycra/spandex.

Dress Code :

Items that can be worn at Club Wearinghers include :

Tights (pantyhose) , stockings , suspender belt , basque , corset , bra, girdle... you get the idea , basically , female underwear.

For lycra heroes it could be full body layers of pantyhose encasement (tights)  bulging lycra leggings, female lycra swimming suits, spandex suits, superhero outfits , masked Mexican spandex wrestlers etc...

Question : I like to present as a sissy maid , can I wear my maids outfit ?

Absolutely not. Sorry , there are many other venues that will cater to this need of yours.

The same goes for nurses uniforms , schoolgirl etc.. etc...

NO DRESSES of ANY kind ! No wigs ! No make up !

We will accept baby doll type tops, if you wish to complement your lingerie with one.

If you wish to wear some kind of "covering" , we are more than happy that you can combine your lingerie with male clothing.

For example , coming after work in your suit?

Wear your suit jacket, shirt and tie and just remove your trousers to reveal your stockings and suspenders ?

Maybe you are a builder ? Do wear you hi-viz jacket and lingerie.

A biker ? Do wear your  motorcycle jacket with lingerie.

You could also wear a sexy satin robe or similar.

You know what - you can also walk around NAKED in our club !


For health and safety , bare foot is not allowed .

You are welcome to wear female heels/boots/thigh boots OR male footwear like shoes , trainers etc...

Hairy ?

Question : i have hairy chest, legs etc.. or i have a beard or stubble.

Fantastic, the more "masculine" features that you have , the better , as far as we are concerned.
Don't shave for us , come as your natural masculine self.


Is nudity allowed at Club Wearinghers ?


Question : I am attending as an "admirer, what do I wear" ?

There is no dress code for you , come however you wish. Wear street clothes or strip to your underwear, or strip entirely naked , it is up to you.

Take a look at our photo gallery for ideas of what guys wore at past events. No pics of lycra guys yet , as we are just welcoming them too in our new policy , since so many asked to come , after the closure of Club Heroes.


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At https://groups.io/g/wearinghers/ we have a forum, where you can send messages , send/view pictures , start chats etc... with other masculine men who wear lingerie. We have a lovely community of guys there . Join Us !




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